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Logistics Industry in the Middle East 2020

The future is bright for the Logistics industry in the Middle East. The World Expo 2020 Dubai will boost the logistics industry among other sectors as billions of dollars are being invested in infrastructure and logistics services in preparation for the mega event. The Middle East logistics market is set to reach $66.3 billion by the end of 2020, according to a new report released by Swisslog Middle East.

Data analytics, by which data-driven decision making will enhance overall efficiency in the market, will play a key role in the future of this sector. Analytics expertise, data-driven decision making, and the new services that can be achieved with the Internet of Things (IoT) represent an immense $1.9 trillion opportunity in logistics worldwide.

Several emerging technologies are entering the ever-complicated world of Logistics which have the potential to enable greater connectivity with greater speeds and precision. Driven by rapid technological advancements and greater affordability, robotics solutions are already entering the logistics workforce, supporting zero-defect processes and boosting productivity. There is a strong and growing appetite among businesses to embrace digitalization. In the transportation and logistics sector specifically, over 50% of senior executives say IIoT solutions are critically important to their operations today, while a further 19% said these technologies would become critical to operations over the next five years. While the acceptance of the standard container revolutionized worldwide shipping for decades, the logistics industry will be heavily reliant on smart containerization to solve the growing need for volume flexibility and increasing time and cost pressures.

Additionally, Fresh Chain Logistics is set to grow exponentially in the region and globally over the next 5 years due to a growing number of increasing users shopping groceries online, increasing the demand for advanced infrastructure to support temperature and time sensitive goods delivery.





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