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Our Supply Chain Specialists help customer’s merge their traditional logistics models with supply chain management processes to deliver turnkey customer solutions that manage goods from point of production through value added processes until the final point of sale, keeping costs low while ensuring the right products make it to the shelf at exactly the right time.

We assist global clients with designing and planning supply chains, and facilitate complex operations that include warehousing, processing, distribution, customs clearance and management of inventory. We offer comprehensive support every step of the way so our clients can focus on their core business.



Our warehousing and distribution facilities in JAFZA and KIZAD offer our customers flexibility in reaching their markets within the UAE and abroad. The facilities are based within the respective free zones and enabled for a range of products, providing full visibility of inventory through our warehouse management software (WMS) to customers.

Our warehouses offer a range of storage methods – from palletized storage to shelving and binning – to offer customer’s customised storage solutions. Our proximity to land, sea and air routes allows us to offer agile distribution networks for all manners of goods, including fast moving retail inventory, supported by full visibility tools and optimized route management solutions.


Our vehicle stockyard facilities in KIZAD and JAFZA follow OEM standards and can collectively house 14,000 vehicles. With over 22 years of experience in managing automotive storage for reputed brands, we provide stock maintenance solutions that keep vehicles in peak condition and available for loading and delivery at short notice. Gallega delivers cost-effective and integrated automotive supply chain services operated by a team of experienced finished vehicle logistics experts and an inhouse fleet of recovery vehicles and car carriers to ensure quality is delivered throughout the process.


Our automobile spare parts facilities in JAFZA and KIZAD deliver custom-built warehouse solutions and distribution for manufacturers and resellers. Our adoption of a warehouse management software facilitates customer inventory visibility and demand planning. API interfaces are available for system integration to enable system generated order placement and stock management through the customer’s own ERP software. Our end to end solutions ensure that parts for maintenance, upkeep and aftermarket solutions are made available to clients in time and with low overheads.


Our facilities deliver world-class warehousing and storage for retail and FMCG goods, with focus on quality and security standards promoting stock integrity and availability. We help retail operations of any size secure their supply chain and keep inventories running optimally through system integration providing visibility for stock management and demand planning based on product life cycles.



Value added activities in the warehouse and the open stock yard provide customers with the ability to change, enhance and consolidate product before distributing to retails and end users. We provide a range of value-added services to meet our customers specific needs and promotional activities.


Our KIZAD and Jebel Ali warehouses are tailor made for spare parts, FMCG and other retail commodities. The warehouses are operated by trained personnel and an advance WMS software that allows integration via API’s to allow data flow between the customer and our system for inventory planning, management, order placement, inbound and outbound controls and demand planning.



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