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Forbes ME: Driving Innovation In Automotive Logistics

By Jessica Banes | Sep 03, 2020

Gallega Global Logistics explains how the UAE-based automotive logistics specialist is providing its customers with a unique service to strengthen brand loyalty in difficult times.

As vehicle sales activity in the region continues to tighten, distributors and retailers are being forced to consider cost reductions, efficiency, and service level improvements to allow for a competitive edge. Brand loyalty continues to play a strong part in vehicle selection, but consumers are becoming savvier and understand value for money, all the while noting how individual brands are increasingly improving feature offering but maintaining price points.

The selection of good quality vehicles on offer is wide with new market entrants vying for market share, while price sensitive consumers expand their search for affordable cars often turning to digital channels for comparison and even purchasing.

As a result, many organisations are looking to online sales channels to reduce the number of physical showrooms required to maintain market share, while engaging potential buyers in the digital space. We provide excellent B2C solutions for distributors to support their e-commerce ambitions, offering PDI activities and door delivered services while reducing the number of touch points from order to delivery and enhancing the customer experience.


Staying ahead of the competition and being able to differentiate yourself in a shrinking market is key to success in a changing consumer landscape. There is sense in collaborating with trusted partners if it provides the cost benefit, quality enhancement and support needed to reach your customers in an agile and efficient manner.

With a focus on providing outsourced solutions to Middle East based dealers and re-exporters, we are making a mark on the automotive industry with unique value propositions, building competencies to provide customer specific solutions that meet OEM standards for storage, stock maintenance, handling and PDI activities. We operate out of Jebel Ali and KIZAD, with expansive logistics facilities to handle finished vehicles, spare parts storage, and post-production activities on both new and used cars.

Our philosophy is one of maintaining an aggregated cost approach to the industry whereby the respective dealers can benefit from a reduction in logistics costs by outsourcing activities that have traditionally been handled themselves, sometimes at great expense of maintaining large areas of land, trucks and staff dedicated to manage their logistics requirements.

The pay per use model of Gallega Global Logistics provides our customers with control, visibility, and flexibility, supported by digital tools for ease of use. As a partner, we are offering possibilities in every direction.

Source: Forbes Middle East




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