Gallega Global Logistics


Buses consignment to Kuwait and Damam from Jebel Ali via RORO

As your trusted partner, we specialize in optimizing sea freight services, offering a secure and cost-effective means to transport goods across international waters. Honored to serve strategic partner, Ashok Leyland. The bulk shipment was handled smoothly using competitive solutions and technical support.

Navigating the waves of global trade: Sea freight at its finest.

From single shipments to complex logistics projects, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a robust global network to ensure the secure and timely transportation of goods. 30 units of Toyota hilux were shipped to Mostaganem, Algeria from Jebel Ali port.

Gallega – Gaelan Hospital Visit

Gallega Global Logistics prioritizes the well-being of its staff, recognizing that a healthy team is essential for delivering top-notch logistics services. In line with this commitment, our staff recently participated in a health checkup program in collaboration with Gaelan Hospital.

Human Aid Shipments To Afghanistan for UN

Gallega Global Logistics proudly collaborates with Human Aid Shipment to deliver more than just cargo — we deliver hope and support to those in need. Specializing in humanitarian logistics, our partnership ensures that aid reaches its destination swiftly, efficiently, and with the utmost care.

Embarking on Excellence: Safety First, Always.

The safety and well-being of our invaluable warehouse staff have always been a paramount concern. Regularly, we take proactive steps by organizing comprehensive first aid and firefighting training sessions for every member of our team.

These sessions were meticulously designed to equip our staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any emergency effectively. At Gallega, safety is non-negotiable, and this training reaffirms our commitment to the well-being of our workforce.

Advancing with AI

Innovation is at the core of our operations, and we continuously seek opportunities to leverage cutting-edge technology. In this spirit, we have introduced AI-driven driver testing and training programs with Nervtech.

These initiatives represent a significant leap forward in the development of our drivers’ skills and safety protocols. By embracing AI, we not only enhance our drivers’ capabilities but also position ourselves as industry leaders, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving logistics landscape.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with WeStore. This partnership signifies our continued growth and commitment to providing top-notch logistics solutions.

WeStore is an AI driven platform for logistics solutions for on demand warehousing, and delivery. Their platform manages business workflows, billing, and order fulfilments.